How do I check my subscription limits?

Discover how to check subscription limits and monitor usage. Learn to assess your quota efficiently and stay informed about your subscription status

Sometimes, while you're happily using Tomba, this "warning" pops up:

This pop-up (and various other similar pop-ups) tells you that you've hit certain limits in your subscription plan.

In order to continue using Tomba (or 'break' the limit), you'll have to upgrade your Tomba plan or wait for the monthly renewal on the stipulated date (the date above is an example; your date may vary)

Here's how you can check requests limit :

click on your name in the upper-right corner of your dashboard to see how many requests you have left

From there, you will be able to check:

  • Searches requests
  • Verifications requests
  • Phone requests

check everything related to your subscription limits:

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