Bulk Domain Search

Efficiently gather email addresses from a list of companies using Bulk Domain Search. Simplify your outreach strategy with comprehensive contact information.

The Bulk Domain Search lets you enter a list of domains download a list of email addresses associated with these domains.

Bulk Domain Search are available on premium plans only.

Upload a list of domains or companies

To use the Bulk Domain Search, you will need to have a list of domain names or ready. This list can be in a file (CSV,or TXT file), or you can simply copy and paste your list directly into Tomba.

create a New bulk. Enter a unique name for your bulk task

When your data is in a file, make sure the domains are in a single column:

you can also copy and paste a list of domains or companies in the text area:

You can process at most 15,000 domains in a single bulk.

Click Upload to start.

and after your bulk has been processed, Download the full list.

The file will also contain additional information for every email address, when available:

First Name Last Name Department Position Twitter URL LinkedIn URL Telephone number Country

Apply filters

  • The lowest number of emails is 1 per domain, and the highest is 100 emails.
  • role based email or personnel Email
  • filter by department
  • chose to include the sources or not .
  • set a filter strength (only or in priority).

More download options

Filter resulted emails by validity

If you choose to Download the Full list, or all domains that we could not find emails for.

Browsing your uploaded tasks

  • We have the following actions you can perform:

Sort: you can sort through your uploaded tasks by Bulk title, Status, and Created Date.

  • Search: the ability to search by a specific bulk task
  • Rename: renaming your bulk task
  • Delete: you can now access a dropdown for each uploaded task. Through the dropdown

Find email addresses from a domain via Microsoft excel add-in

Find email addresses from a domain via Microsoft Google Sheets Add-on

Using The Domain Search via API

get email addresses found on the internet.

from tomba.client import Client
from tomba.services.domain import Domain

client = Client()


domain = Domain(client)

result = domain.domain_search('stripe.com')

Official libraries for common programming languages, like PHP, Python, C# , Go ,Rust , Ruby , Dart , Javascript , R , Lua , Elixir etc.


Still have questions?

If you have any issues or questions about Tomba, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!