Mailchimp CRM integration

Automatically save your leads in Mailchimp with Tomba Email Finder. Simplify lead management and enhance workflow by seamlessly integrating with Mailchimp

Tomba offers a Mailchimp CRM integration that allows to easily export new generated leads from Tomba to your Mailchimp CRM account.

This tutorial will show you how to connect Tomba to your Mailchimp CRM account to quickly synchronize your leads.

To get started simply go to the Connected applications section of your account.

  • Select Mailchimp CRM
  • Enter your Mailchimp Audience ID in the text box. You’ll find your Base ID in the API Find Your Audience ID.

  • Create New fields with name : FNAME LNAME PHONE WEBSITE COUNTRY COMPANY all fields required

  • Add new leads to your list.
  • Log in to your Mailchimp account and select the audience section inside All contacts. There you’ll see all the leads previously created on Tomba.
  • All your current and newly saved leads will be automatically synchronized in Mailchimp CRM's Leads section.

Please note: Tomba will automatically synchronize both newly generated leads and leads already saved before launching the integration.

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