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Explore Tomba's powerful python SDK for Email and Author Finder, featuring an Email Verifier – the ultimate solution for seamless development.


Find and verify the email of an individual given a name and domain or a company.

Additional functions:

  • Check the account status.
  • Checking how many request left.
  • Checking domain information .
  • Email Verifier.
  • Email Finder.
  • Email Sources.
  • List all your leads.
  • Lead Attributes.
  • domain autocomplete.
  • Checking List all your keys.
  • Usage.
  • Account Logs.
  • Email Count.


To install via PyPI:

pip install tomba-io


Domain Search API

get email addresses found on the internet.

from tomba.client import Client
from import Domain

client = Client()


domain = Domain(client)

result = domain.domain_search('')

Email Finder API

Generates or retrieves the most likely email address from a domain name, a first name and a last name.

from tomba.client import Client
from import Finder

client = Client()


finder = Finder(client)

result = finder.email_finder('', 'fname', 'lname')

Email Verifier API

Verify the validity of any professional email address with the most complete email checker.

from tomba.client import Client
from import Verifier

client = Client()


verifier = Verifier(client)

result = verifier.email_verifier('')


Sample codes under examples/ folder.


See the official documentation.

Other Libraries

There are official Tomba Email Finder client libraries available for many languages including PHP, Python, Go, Java, Ruby, and many popular frameworks such as Django, Rails and Laravel. There are also many third party libraries and integrations available for our API.

Get started here: Official Tomba API client for python

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