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How long does it take for a file with 5000 domains to process?

discovery speed

The answer is dependent on numerous factors including domain number of emails, settings and filter & verification , However most likely it only takes a few minutes If you experience a longer loading time

The approximate time calculations:

Number of domainsverificationmultiple department selectinclude sourcesType addresses emailMaximum email addresses per domaintotal emailprocessing time
5095nononoall10120030 second
5095noyesnopersonal1030158 Second
5095noyesyespersonal103011 min & 7 Second
5095yesnonoall10120025 min

How email discovery speed is depends on a number of different factors :

  • verify emails in real-time.

  • many verification checks. More checks provide high email accuracy while increasing the search time. For example, verification stages include checking the email format, MX check, SMTP check, Disposable email a, etc.

  • Server response speed If the server (which hosts this email) responds quickly, we will get a response quickly, though if the server takes a long time to respond or still has a greylisting system, then the verification process is delayed.

  • If you perform >10k searches at once, the speed might be slower

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