What do the colours in every result mean?

Discover the significance of the colors in each result, learning how they differentiate and highlight various outcomes and statuses.

Each time you do a search, we give you a confidence ratio that helps you use reliable data.

The color gives you the confidence of the search:

  • Correct 💚 : The email has been correctly verified and it is safe to send with an accuracy of 99%. .

  • Catch all 💛: This status results due to an email server restriction that does not allow to fully verify the validity of the email. The domain exists but the specific email address can not be confirmed. In order to protect your email reputation, We do not recommend to send emails with this catch all tag.

  • Incorrect 🔴;: This result indicates the email is not correct.

  • Invalid email 🔴: Sometimes, when you get this code, there is an error with the email syntax, normally a typo.

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