Why doesn't the Email Finder return any result?

If no results are found in the Email Finder, discover the next steps to take to continue your search and achieve your objectives effectively.

Sometimes, the Email Finder doesn't return any result.

There are two possible reasons why:

  1. Tomba doesn't have any data related to the domain name that is searched.
  2. The algorithm couldn't find a relevant result.

1. Tomba doesn't have any data related to the domain name that is searched.

The Email Finder uses all the data our crawler gathers on public web pages. It's the data that you can browse when you use the Domain Search.

In some cases, Tomba's crawler doesn't find any email addresses for a domain name. Usually, it means there isn't any data to be found on public web pages or that the crawler hasn't visited the relevant web pages recently.

When there is no data available for a domain name, the Email Finder is much more likely to fail to return an email address.

2. The algorithm couldn't find a relevant result

In some cases, Tomba has data on the searched domain name but still fails to return a result.

It usually happens when the Email Finder's best guesses are tested and proved invalid. In this case, the Email Finder prefers not to return an email address instead of another very unlikely guess.

There can be other reasons, for example, if you search an email address on a webmail domain name, or if the email address has been removed from Tomba after a request from the owner. In these cases, the proper error messages are displayed to let you know what happened.

Please note that another common reason why an email address fails to be found is that the Email Finder's data input isn't correct or up to date. If an email address can't be found despite Tomba having data on the domain name, it often means the email address doesn't exist (for example, if the person no longer works for the company).

What can I do?

When the Email Finder fails, if you're confident the email address for this person should exist, you can follow these steps:

  • Double-check that the full name of the person is correct. Make sure there are no initials and remove the middle name, if any.
  • Make sure the domain name you entered is the one the organization uses to send emails. You can test your guesses in the Domain Search to see which one returns results.

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